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Why ShiningPanda?

There are lots of tools available out there to help with continuous integration: Jenkins CI, Bamboo, Buildbot, etc. Some if them are really awesome, but all of them require to do quite a bit of setup.

To get started, you need to setup:

  • a server with your target Operating System,
  • a build environment, which often means installing one or several versions of Python, distribute and virtualenv.

Repeat these two steps for each additional OS/environment, and don't forget to keep everything up to date!

On top of that you need to actually setup the Continuous Integration server that you ...

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Pricing Update

The prices of the different plans of ShiningPanda have been updated as follow.


The FLOSS Plan, dedicated to Free Open Source Software, is now completely free. It allows a usage of up to one hour per day.

However, due to high demand for this plan, and our limited capacity, we cannot open all accounts at once. As we increase our capacity we will open more accounts on a first registered, first served basis.

Register today if you want a slot quickly!

Shared Plans

We are now proposing the following 3 plans:

  • 1 hour per day, for $45/month ...

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