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A bug and a mantis

We have just added a bugtracker to ShiningPanda so that you can submit:

  • feature requests,
  • bugs, issues, etc.

You can access it here.

Of course you can still contact us directly for any request, question, to give us feedback, or simply to say hi!

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PyPy Support

PyPy 1.5 and PyPy 1.6 are now supported in both ShiningPanda and the shiningpanda-plugin.

PyPy is a Python interpreter and JIT compiler. It focuses on speed, efficiency and 100% compatibility with the original CPython interpreter.

You can select PyPy in the python builders:


You can also add PyPy to your Python axis:


Let us know which implementation of Python you want us to support next: Jython? Stackless Python? Iron Python?

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Testing on multiple versions of Python

If you want to deliver a great library to the community, or if you want to bump smoothly your Python's production version, testing on multiple versions of Python is a must have, especially since Python 3.

But it's not so easy... First, you have to setup your environment, then you'll probably have to create one plan per version: a maintenance nightmare!

Fortunately, ShiningPanda has an elegant solution. Let's see how with the pygments example:

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ShiningPanda plugin for Jenkins CI

We are glad to announce the release of the shiningpanda-plugin for Jenkins! Building Python projects with Jenkins is now easier than ever!

The shiningpanda-plugin gives you three builders: Virtualenv Builder, Custom Virtualenv Builder and Standard Python Builder. It also provides you with an axis to easily test on multiple Python versions.

You can check the documentation here.

Virtualenv Builder

This is the builder we advise people to use: it uses virtualenv to create an isolated Python environment, using the specified Python version. virtualenv will create its own instalation directory, and any library you install will go there.


Custom Virtualenv Builder ...

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