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Jython Support & PyPy 1.7

Jython 2.5.0, 2.5.1 and 2.5.2 are now supported in ShiningPanda.

Jython is a Python implementation running on top of the Java Virtual Machine. Jython allows you to program in Python while seamlessly importing and using any Java library.


PyPy 1.7 was released last week, it is now also available.

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ShiningPanda plugin 0.5 is out!

We released today the new version of ShiningPanda plugin for Jenkins. For those who don't know this plugin yet, this is probably the easiest way to setup your Python projects with Jenkins. But let's have a look at the new features:

Tox support


Tox is an amazing tool which lets you test your project on multiple versions of Python. ShiningPanda is releasing a convenient way to launch tox in Jenkins' multi-configuration projects with following components:

  • a Tox Axis to select the test environment,
  • a Tox Builder to launch tox on this test environment.

This tox integration will be ...

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