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Introducing Selenose

Selenose provides a set of Selenium related plugins for nose developed by ShiningPanda:

The use of these plugins is detailed bellow, but let's have a look on the installation process first.


On most UNIX-like systems, you’ll probably need to run these commands as root or using sudo.

Install selenose using setuptools/distribute:

1 $ easy_install selenose

Or pip:

1 $ pip install selenose

It can take a while as Selenium ...

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Support for multiple users

For those who have never heard of us yet, ShiningPanda is a hosted Continuous Integration service dedicated to Python.

ShiningPanda now supports multiple members for each workspace. Inviting new members to a workspace can be done from the dashboard, in the "Members" section.

We currently handle three levels of permissions: users, administrators and super-administrators. Administrators have all the permissions given to users, and super-administrators have all the permissions given to both users and administrators.


The permissions are as follow:


  • view Jenkins jobs results,
  • start Jenkins jobs.


  • manage Jenkins jobs (create new jobs, configure),
  • manage Jenkins instance (start, stop ...

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ShiningPanda is Selenium ready!

For those who have never heard of us yet, ShiningPanda is a hosted Continuous Integration service dedicated to Python.

Each build on ShiningPanda runs on a dedicated virtual machine, and these virtual machines are now Selenium ready. Selenium automates browsers. What does this mean? In our context it means that you can now spawn one (or several) browser(s) on your ShiningPanda virtual machine to automatically test your web applications!

We installed all the requirements to run Selenium tests:

  • The ability to start a display before each build is provided by the Xvnc Plugin for Jenkins.

  • We provide some ready-to-use ...

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Tox on Jenkins with ShiningPanda plugin

Tox is an amazing tool to package, test and deploy your Python project. This tutorial does not aim at describing how to setup your project with tox as its documentation is quite good. We'd rather have a look on how to setup a tox enabled project on Jenkins with ShiningPanda plugin.

Sample project

This tutorial uses a sample project to describe all the steps of the process. The sources of this project can be found here.

This sample project is organized like this:


Note the tox.ini file next to the which contains the configuration for tox ...

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ShiningPanda plugin 0.6 is out!

We released today a new version of the ShiningPanda plugin for Jenkins. For those who don't know this plugin yet, it provides the easiest path to setup your Python projects with Jenkins.

This new release, version 0.6, embeds the new virtualenv (with additional pull request #193).


As a consequence, the No site packages option in Virtualenv Builder becomes System site packages and works exactly the opposite way: checking it will give the virtual environment access to the global site-packages directory. But don't worry, the plugin ensures backward compatibility.

We also fixed a 0.4 to 0.5 ...

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