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One click away from database testing

It has never been so easy to run tests against databases with this new ShiningPanda feature.

Starting a database server on the fly is literally one click away from your job configuration!

In the Build Environment section just check the Start a database server and select the desired databases:


The following ones are supported for now:

The servers are accessible locally on their standard port. A set of environment variables are also available in all your builders to ease the configuration of your project.

A new builder Create database, lets you create new databases and users for ...

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Selenium, Python and Jenkins on Debian - 1/3

This series is dedicated to the use of Selenium with Python. Selenium is a convenient way to automate your web application for testing purposes.

In this first post, we'll see how to configure your continuous integration environment to run Selenium tests. In a second one, how to add Selenium tests to your web project, and finally how to integrate all this within Jenkins.

This post assumes a Debian GNU/Linux environment, but you should not have much trouble adapting it to another Linux distribution.

Browsers installation

Selenium requires at least one browser in order to run tests. The following ...

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ShiningPanda plugin 0.7 is out!

We released today a new version of the ShiningPanda plugin for Jenkins. For those who don't know this plugin yet, it is probably the easiest way to setup your Python projects with Jenkins. But let's have a look at the new features:

A new Nature field

This field is now available on the following builders:

  • Virtualenv Builder,
  • Python Builder,
  • Custom Python Builder.

It determines how the Command contents is executed:

  • Shell: execute the Command contents with /bin/sh on Unix and cmd.exe on Windows,
  • XShell: convert the Command contents to match the platform and execute the result ...

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Python multiple versions testing with Jenkins

If you want to deliver a great library to the community, or if you want to bump smoothly your Python's production version, testing on multiple versions of Python is a must have, especially since Python 3.

ShiningPanda plugin for Jenkins proposes an elegant solution to test against multiple versions of Python, without the burden of creating one plan per version.

Let's see how with the pygments example.

Global Configuration

First ensure that the latest version of the ShiningPanda plugin is installed (check on Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Installed page). If not, look for it on Available tab and ...

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ShiningPanda Services

ShiningPanda is working hard to provide the best Continuous Integration Service for Python. Since we launched last July, we got to help lots of ShiningPanda users, and we added numerous key features to our offer: support of Python interpreters (PyPy, Jython & Stackless Python), support of Tox, Selenium and many other things.

We still have lots of improvements coming soon (for instance support of Iron Python). A completely new product for all Python users to enjoy is also coming in 2012.

But as we are facing everyday Continuous Integration challenges with our users, and the wide array of problems they are ...

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