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Working with private repositories

ShiningPanda provides a hosted Continuous Integration service that many of you are using with private repositories hosted on GitHub, BitBucket, launchpad or other such services.

Until now accessing private repositories from ShiningPanda was not so straightforward. It often required for each build environment (Linux and Windows) to:

  • log into it from the dashboard,
  • generate a RSA key,
  • register this key with your project.

And then your Jenkins instance couldn't even poll the private repository because it didn't have access to the key.


From now on the process is extremely straightforward. Just go to your dashboard, in the ...

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Python & Java: a unified build process (2/4)

In our previous blog post dedicated to Python and Java, we saw how Maven can orchestrate a unified build process for these two languages.

But most of the time, all artifacts within a build should take the same version. It was not the case in the sample project of our previous blog post, so let's find a way to unify this.

For Java it's easy: JARs and WARs are using the version located in their respective POMs, 0.1 in this case:

1 <project>
2   <groupid>com.shiningpanda</groupid>
3   <artifactid>jsample</artifactid>
4   <version>0.1</version ...

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Windows 7

ShiningPanda provides a Hosted Continuous Integration service that many of you are already using to test their Python projects on GNU/Linux.

From today everybody can start integrating on Windows 7!


The price is set at $0.64 per hour of build.

Windows 7 build environments come with:

  • the most popular Python interpreters (CPython, PyPy, Jython and Iron Python),
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

But also for those who are not doing only Python:

  • Sun/Oracle JDK 5, 6 and 7,
  • Microsoft Visual C++ (from Vistual Studio 2010 & 2008).

Do not hesitate to let us know what we can improve to ...

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ShiningPanda plugin: IronPython here we go!

With the new Windows 7 build environments on ShiningPanda Hosted Continuous Integration Service, it was time for the ShiningPanda plugin to support IronPython.

Consider it done with the release 0.12 of the plugin!

To use an IronPython installation, just declare its home folder on the Configure System page in the Python section.

Two words on the IronPython installation itself. On Windows it's quite straightforward, select the desired version here, then download and run the recommended MSI installer.

For the versions without installer (1.0 and 1.1), get the binary distribution and extract it somewhere. Note that for ...

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