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One click away from testing with Redis

It has never been so easy to run tests against Redis with this new ShiningPanda feature.

Starting a Redis server on the fly is literally one click away from your job configuration!

In the Build Environment section just check the Start a database server and select Start a Redis server:


The server is accessible locally on the default port (6379). A set of environment variables are also available in all your builders to ease project configuration.

One more thing: if you want to test your project on multiple NoSQL databases, the combo multi-configuration project with a NoSQL axis is a ...

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ShiningPanda plugin 0.15 is out!

We released today a new version of the ShiningPanda plugin for Jenkins. For those who don't know this plugin yet, it is probably the easiest way to setup your Python projects with Jenkins. But let's have a look at the new features:

Python installations


Python installations now accept a path to a Python binary in the Home or executable fields. This is useful for multiple system installations in /usr on Unix.

Custom working directory


ShiningPanda creates files in JENKINS_HOME/shiningpanda, notably virtualenvs for various builders. This option let you change this working directory. You can for instance use ...

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