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ShiningPanda CI, clap de fin

Today brings some sad news: we are shutting down ShiningPanda CI. Jenkins instances will remain available until April 30th, at which point they will all go offline.

This decision became inevitable as we failed to keep ShiningPanda CI relevant in an increasingly competitive environment: our user base has been eroding for a rather long while, so we decided to move forward and simply halt the service.

We are incredibly thankful to all the people who have been relying on ShiningPanda for integration and deployment, so we want to ensure as smooth a transition as possible. All users who wish to ...

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Improved tox.ini analysis is all about being notified of outdated dependencies on PyPI packages in your Python's projects.

Few weeks ago we added support for tox.ini files. But the analysis of this file was too simplistic: a common use case of tox is to run matrix builds against many different versions of the same library. For instance if your project supports Django 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6, you want to test it against all these releases.

Until now would show an unwanted outdated next to Django 1.4 and 1.5.


It is not the ...

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A badge to track your dependencies is all about being notified of outdated dependencies on PyPI packages, and badges is now one of the available ways:


Probably the easiest way to share this information with you community, embed this feature on your project page in 3 steps:

  • Sign-in via GitHub or Bitbucket
  • Enable your repository
  • Copy/paste the reStructuredText, Markdown (and much more) snippets available on your dashboard:

So join now and start sharing!

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Buildout, Tox and a new pricing! helps you keep track of the requirements of your Python projects.

Today we are pleased to announce Buildout and Tox support:


With these new features comes a new friendly pricing!

The Personal plan is now $3 per month, while the Organization plan is now $7 per month, both featuring unlimited private repositories.

And for Open Source projects it's still $0 per month with unlimited public repositories.

So register now!

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An email digest to track your dependencies is all about being notified of outdated dependencies on PyPI packages: the good ol' email digest is one of the available opt-in ways to get notified.


Enable this feature in 4 steps:

  1. Sign-in via GitHub or Bitbucket

  2. Enable your repository

  3. Step in the Emails section of your administration dashboard and input:

    • an email address,
    • the desired notification frequency for outdated and insecure releases: there may be no need to update only because a new version is available, but a security release is another thing altogether.
  4. Check your inbox:


Email digests are fortunately not the only option... More on ...

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