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Buildout, Tox and a new pricing! helps you keep track of the requirements of your Python projects.

Today we are pleased to announce Buildout and Tox support:


With these new features comes a new friendly pricing!

The Personal plan is now $3 per month, while the Organization plan is now $7 per month, both featuring unlimited private repositories.

And for Open Source projects it's still $0 per month with unlimited public repositories.

So register now!

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An email digest to track your dependencies is all about being notified of outdated dependencies on PyPI packages: the good ol' email digest is one of the available opt-in ways to get notified.


Enable this feature in 4 steps:

  1. Sign-in via GitHub or Bitbucket

  2. Enable your repository

  3. Step in the Emails section of your administration dashboard and input:

    • an email address,
    • the desired notification frequency for outdated and insecure releases: there may be no need to update only because a new version is available, but a security release is another thing altogether.
  4. Check your inbox:


Email digests are fortunately not the only option... More on ...

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