Build & Release Management

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Build and Release Management is all about boosting the productivity of your organization:

  • by fixing bugs more quickly, freeing up ressources to add value to your products,
  • by streamlining the release process, allowing you to hit the market faster,
  • by setting up tools to monitor the actual state of the software being developed, allowing better decision making.

ShiningPanda Build and Release Management experts help your organization setting up world class build & release workflows, tailored to the needs of your organization.

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Continuous Integration

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Continuous Integration gives a comprehensive view of the state of a software project at each step of the development process.

This fast feedback loop allows project leaders and developers to make the right decisions early, in order to deliver better software, more quickly.

ShiningPanda implements continuous intergration and fully automate software builds, using hosted or in-house technologies adapted to your organization needs:

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Release Management

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Releasing and deploying a service, however complicated it is, should never require more than a single action on your part.

This means reduced maintenance time, and the possibility to fix services very quickly should a problem arise.

ShiningPanda assess your current release process, and improves it to match the requirements of your organization.

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Starter Kit

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ShiningPanda made the Starter Kit for organizations that understand the importance of managing build and release processes, but do not have the time or knowledge to setup efficient workflows.

ShiningPanda sends an expert to your organization to:

  • assess your current build and release workflows,
  • setup a continuous integration service that plays all the available tests,
  • setup a release management service that runs all the available build scripts,
  • teach your team how to use these services and to improve the build and release workflows going forward.

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