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Web applications are becoming increasingly popular due to the ubiquity of web browsers, on personal computers but also smartphones and tablets.

The inherent cross-platform compatibility and the ability to update and maintain web applications without distributing software on thousands of computers make them a prime choice for agile teams.

Made by ShiningPanda:

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FindMyEventSpace is a recently launched website designed to help the visitors find the perfect venue for your next event, in the United States.

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ShiningPanda CI is a fully automated web application that provides Hosted Continuous Integration to development teams all around the world.

The Best Technologies

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Successful web applications relies on carefully selecting the best, and most adapted, technologies.

Each project is different, so ShiningPanda's team takes the time to analyze and select the right frameworks and libraries, with speed, robustness and maintainability in mind.

Some tools used by ShiningPanda so far:

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ShiningPanda can help you make money with your web application!

We help you setup plans and integrate your payment workflow with Stripe, PayPal or any other payment provider.

We help you monetize your content by setting up and managing Google AdSense.

We improve the visibility of your website by doing Search Engine Optimization and managing Google AdWords campaigns.

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Green Hosting

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ShiningPanda proposes web application hosting in Europe through its partner Ajova Network. The servers are physically located in the green datacenter of evoswitch in the Netherlands.

ShiningPanda is also working with (especially for web applications that need to be hosted outside of Europe):

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